DGW Consulting can undertake an initial health check of a contract to identify any gaps between on the ground performance and the contract requirements, including a check on the deduction regime. Victoria has reviewed over 250 payment mechanisms since providing technical advice on her first PFI project in 1998.

We have worked as either Expert Witness or Advisor in a number of disputes; supplying an independent view on the appropriate level of deductions and have worked with all stakeholders to design practical interpretations or processes to implement Payment Mechanism requirements supported by the implementation of an Action Plan to resolve any areas proving particularly contentious. This may include improved Helpdesk processes, revisions to the CAFM data set up and/or enhanced processes for use of the CAFM system by the wider team

We support our clients by providing contract procedures to allow contractually compliant services to be supplied, monitored/audited and continually improved.

  • Technical Contract Advisor & Negotiator
  • Payment Mechanism Expert
  • Energy & Utilities Agreements (PFI/PPP)
  • Implementing Training & Change Management
  • Market Testing and Benchmarking
  • Public Finance Initiative Technical Advisor
  • Dispute Resolution